How To Become An Enrolled Agent Ea

How To Become An Enrolled Agent Ea


enrolled agent exam

A PTIN is only required for professional tax preparers that accept payment to prepare tax returns. An enrolled agent, on the other hand, holds a federal license and has the right to represent any taxpayer in any state regarding federal tax matters. The National Association of Enrolled Agents offers a prep exam in conjunction with Surgent EA Review. Personalized study programs are created for each candidate. This mimics actual Enrolled Agent exam scoring, allowing candidates to determine how they perform in each test section as their studies progress. ReadySCORE™ helps the candidate know when they are ready to take the exam.

enrolled agent exam

There’s a non-refundable and non-transferable $182.00 fee per part paid at the time of appointment scheduling. Select “Schedule Now” next to the test name under “Ready to schedule”. If you have not returned and started the second section (questions ) of the exam prior to the expiration of the 15 minutes, the exam clock will restart.

Scheduling Your Ea Exam

The demand for enrolled agents is as constant as the obligation to pay taxes, which is one of the most constant parts of life. Everyone in the United States must pay their taxes, so the EA client base is every family, small business, and big corporation in the country. On average, EAs earn about 10% more per return than unenrolled tax preparers. And enrolled agent salaries can range from $42,000 for entry-level positions to $60,000 for late-career positions. Follow these steps to learn about the Enrolled Agent exam application, requirements, content and format.

  • Scaled scores are determined by ranking your EA test results against others taking the examination, on a scale ranging between 40 and 130.
  • Attorneys and certified public accountants have state licenses, which limits their practice only to the states where they are licensed.
  • The IRS website provides information on each of these steps.
  • If you require additional accommodations for your test please contact your Test Sponsor.
  • The free test bank momentum meter is different, but the higher the better.
  • To register for the EA license exam, candidates must first create a Prometric account.
  • With Platinum Tax School there is no confusion, only a direct path to success.

However, enrolled agents require government licensure from the IRS before they can begin to practice. Tax professionals that want to reach a higher level of education need to pass a three-part exam to test their knowledge of tax law and processes. The exams cover individuals, businesses tax procedures, representation and tax practice. Once completed, the tax professional must go through a background check administered by the IRS.

For example, assume a candidate passed Part 1 on November 15, 2019. Subsequently the candidate passed Part 2 on February 15, 2020. That candidate has until November 15, 2022 to pass the remaining part. The candidate has until February 15, 2023 to pass all other parts of the examination or will lose credit for Part 2.

What Is Needed To Maintain Ea Accounting Certification?

An enrolled agent is a top tax professional, so the exam is comprehensive and challenging. You can register to take the exam on the Prometric website and schedule a time to take each part of the special enrollment exam.

  • But, if you scored a 50, you may find that you need to increase your studying and comprehension of the exam materials.
  • Collected Works will be carrying a wide selection of books by all participating authors available for online pre-order and at the on-site festival bookstore May 20-23.
  • If you scored 104, you were very close to the “passing” designation.
  • The current cost of the exam is $181.94 per part or $545.82 for all three sections.
  • Section 72 is amended to allow for up to $5,000 in penalty-free withdrawals from retirement plans for individuals in case of birth of child or adoption.

Being realistic about your expectations will help you make a plan you can keep. Candidates are more likely to stay on track when they regularly meet the benchmarks they set. An essential part of becoming an Enrolled Agent is passing the IRS Special Enrollment Exam, otherwise known as the SEE.

You can take each part of the exam up to four times per testing period. CPAs are also not as committed to tax specialization as EAs, so EAs are known as the most dedicated and qualified of tax professionals. That amount of universal acceptance sets EAs apart from CPAs, who receive their licenses from individual state boards. CPAs meet different licensure requirements and don’t have to understand tax as deeply to earn their license, so they might not be as competent in tax matters as EAs. I am the author of How to Pass The CPA Exam and the publisher of this and several accounting professional exam prep sites.

How Do I Prepare For The Examination? Are There Any Study Materials?

You will be required to pay this fee when you schedule your examinations. Once you’ve obtained your PTIN,go online and register for your exam. You do not have to take all 3 parts of the exam on the same day or consecutively. You can take each part of the EA exam in any order you choose as long as you remain within the available testing window . We believe everybody should be able to make online purchases with confidence.

  • Practice exams have been proven to be one of the best methods of enrolled agent exam preparation, making this book the perfect guide to help you pass the IRS EA exam.
  • Several CSEA Chapters offer review courses to prepare for the SEE.
  • The exam is offered from May 1 through the end of February of the following year.
  • NATP membership includes access to the EA Exam Review – Part 1.
  • Everyone in the United States must pay their taxes, so the EA client base is every family, small business, and big corporation in the country.
  • The IRS is the definitive source of information regarding the SEE, becoming an EA, and the EA retirement program.

To make becoming an EA manageable, you just need to set small, incremental goals and create a solid study plan. The best way to ensure success is to create an exam study schedule to keep you on track. Your detailed schedule should outline the topics and the amount of time you should be studying for each topic that is tested on the exam. The testing window is from May through the end of February. In that time frame, you are able to take each exam part up to four times.

Enrolled Agent Exam Questions

You can start your own business with unlimited earning potential. As a business owner, you may work full or part time, it is up to you to control your enrolled agent salary. Lambers has offered enrolled agent exam courses for decades. Unlike most of the other EA study material, Fast Forward also includes video lectures that discuss the most difficult topics covered in the course.

Section 2 that focuses on business is regarded as the hardest part of the examination to pass. To pass the Enrolled Agent Exam, a score of 105 is the minimum required. This score is developed using a scaled score system – where your EA test results are ranked against others taking the examination, on a scale ranging between 40 and 130. Nope – you do not have to take all three parts in one sitting. As long as you schedule one section within 1 year from your date of registration, you have two years to complete and pass all three sections. But, during PTIN renewal, you will be required to provide your social security number. If you don’t have one, you will need to apply for your PTIN using Form 8946.

Any candidate that comes to the test center without a mask where required will not be allowed to test and will not be eligible for a free reschedule. EAs are considered tax specialists, setting them apart from attorneys and CPAs who may not specialize in enrolled agent exam taxes. The practice of EAs before the IRS is unlimited –they may represent taxpayers before the IRS and perform the same tasks as an attorney or CPA. An enrolled agent is the only professional the U.S. government directly grants the right to practice.

enrolled agent exam

Arrive at the testing center at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment. Due to COVID-19, appointments may be impacted due to local, state or federal guidance and/or test center availability. If this occurs, you will receive an email informing you that your appointment has been rescheduled and it will include new appointment information.

Where Do I Take The Enrolled Agent Exam?

But they also found that the EA exam questions were more straightforward. REG, on the other hand, has trickier multiple-choice questions and the dreaded task-based simulations , which are case study-like questions. Conveniently, I have a few readers who are both CPAs and enrolled agents. And, unlike with the CPA Exam, you don’t need extensive knowledge of business and accounting to pass the EA exam. In 2017, I used my entire tax refund to enroll in your course.

enrolled agent exam

The candidate must also obtain a Personal Tax Identification Number, which they can do once they pass the test and background check. A candidate with at least five years’ experience working for the IRS may receive enrolled agent status without taking the exam. You can become an enrolled agent by passing the IRS Special Enrollment Examination.

Part 2 covers taxes pertaining to businesses including sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, fiduciaries, and tax-exempt organizations. Part 3 covers representation before the IRS and practice and procedures of an enrolled agent.

The EA exam is offered annually from May 1 through February 28 because downtime is needed to incorporate changes to tax law. We have compiled a list of free EA Exam practice exams, resources, and study guides. Those who have worked at the IRS for five years and have passed a background check can become an enrolled agent. However, the most common path to this designation is by taking the Enrolled Agent exam . Once you’ve passed all three Enrolled Agent Exam parts, you will need to complete IRS Form 23 and submit it via mail along with your payment of $30.

Requirements To Become An Enrolled Agent

Our goal is to become one of the best online resources helping students navigate through the higher education process. Enrolled agents work with clients on tax issues dealing with the IRS. That includes coming to an agreement with the government regarding payments or a payment plan, as well as any settlements. The agent may also negotiate with the IRS regarding tax estimations. • You are also provided with a wealth of information, software and additional services that will help you.

Full BioEric is a duly licensed Independent Insurance Broker licensed in Life, Health, Property, and Casualty insurance. He has worked more than 13 years in both public and private accounting jobs and more than four years licensed as an insurance producer.

He previously worked for the IRS and holds an enrolled agent certification. Since the EA license holds federal recognition, requirements do not vary by state. Current tax preparers and accountants may find themselves well equipped to pass the qualifying exam and become enrolled agents. EA candidates must apply for a preparer tax identification number , sign up for the certification exam, and pass all parts of the exam. They must also submit IRS applications and pass background checks. With a flip of the calendar from February to March, our content teams have completed their diligent work to improve our EA course content for exams beginning in May. Student feedback plays a major role in the improvements we make to our study material.


Circular 230, current and prior year versions of IRS publications, forms, and instructions are available online at /Forms-&-Pubs. Momentum above 80%, use the reports and focus on the areas where you answered questions incorrectly.

Prepare smarter with our guided video lectures and the most realistic question bank available. Passing EA Part 1 before July 4th gives you a hard date to complete your exam by and something to look forward to once you’re done! After passing Part 1, take a few days to relax and then move on to Part 2. This isn’t always the exact date you might “finish” the total number of hours. You might want to sit on a weekend or you may already have obligations that could distract you on exam day. Pick a date that works best for you; any additional time can be used to continue reviewing until your exam. Creating a plan to study for the Enrolled Agent exam based on hourly restrictions is very similar to creating one based on a hard deadline.

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