Hicks Lightning Protection provides turnkey lightning protection and grounding systems for commercial and industrial projects.


Hicks offers complete engineering services that include product specification, product selection, technical support, site testing and system design. The Hicks design and engineering team can produce a complete lightning protection and grounding layout for any type of structure utilizing the latest CAD software.


Hicks estimating department can provide complete turnkey estimates on any type or size grounding or lightning protection system. Our estimates are detailed to list out all inclusions and exclusions. Each estimate adheres to all required specifications.


Hicks has a complete installation team that provides turnkey installations for any type of grounding or lightning protection system. We have installation offices in DFW, Austin, San Antonio and Houston.


A preventative approach to lightning protection maintenance is important for all protected structures. LPS defects caused by age, disconnections, severe weather events, structural neglect, or outside contractor traffic can pose safety problems. Lightning protection technology requires expertise for system design, installation and quality control.


With 15 years experience, we have completed numerous projects in a wide range of indutries.

The Hicks team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional service.
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